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Golden State Dressage Show
June 2014 
Cory earned his second FEI Five Year Old score this weekend.  With an 8.2, Cory also won the High Point for the show. We had lessons each day of the show with Willy Arts, and took advantage of the cross country field at the facility to go for trail rides. I love feeling how elastic Cory is during our work, and how relaxed he is during our walks. We spent the whole ride on the buckle - even going past cows, egrets and GIANT jack rabbits. The best part of the show -- having extra time just to hang out with such a cool horse.
Starr Vaughn Dressage I show
May 2014 -- Sacramento, CA

Cory and I made the drive way up the 99 freeway to show at Starr Vaughn.  We had a great time, in very blustery conditions, with a 76% for second level test one and
then a 7.62 for the five year old test.

It was so windy that letters blew over during tests, E-Z up
tents flew away and one of the judges had to sit in a pick up
truck at "C".

My baseball hat even blew off while Cory and I were handwalking! Such a great horse, he didn't bat an eye.

I'm so lucky to ride him!
Temecula Chapter April Madness
April 2014 -- Temecula, CA 
An all blue day with wins for myself and Chris' Teddy in the Prix St. George, Pat and Aldente in their adult amateur Prix St. George debut and Kim and Zinca in fourth level! All scores in the 60's with strong rides from everyone. 

Added reason for celebration - Pat and Ali earned their scores for their USDF Silver Medal at their very first show!  Final results of the show included FEI High Point open for Tenedos and myself, Upper Level
Adult Amateur High Point for Kim and Zinca and a USDF Silver Medal
for Pat and Aldente. 

Great job!!
CDS Pomona Chapter Spring Fling
April 2014 
A great show day at the Pomona Chapter Spring Fling! 74.8% for Cory in second level test one. I could have helped out more in the corners but sometimes I'm having so much fun with him that I forget to keep riding the test! Chris and Prestige did a super job with a 65% in third level test three and a 63% in fourth level test one, with wonderful uphill canter work. Kim and Zinca had a nicely energetic PSG test for a 61.8%. So proud of these riders who keep challenging themselves to improve the quality with every ride. LOVE IT!!! Blue ribbons for everyone - and a beautiful new leather halter and Highpoint Championship ribbon for Cory.  YAY!
Spring Dressage at Hansen Dam
March 2014
Fabulous horse show day! Three tests, three wins, and three great scores! I showed Chris' Teddy in the PSG for a 65.6%.​ Chris and Prestige rode next in third level test three with a 66%. Pat and Ali finished up the morning with a 66% in fourth level test three. A super morning with great results! YAY!!!!
Rancho California Arabian Horse Association Horse Show
March 2014 -- Burbank, CA 
After fighting LA traffic on a Friday afternoon 
(who knew I should have allowed time for an over-turned tanker truck!), Aristocrat CD and I enjoyed ourselves in a exciting show hack class.  

We missed all of our rail classes, but post-entered the
show hack class at the last minute. 

We went in for experience and came out with the blue! 
What a day!  We went back the second day for our
dressage tests.  With all scores in the 70's, Aristocrat CD
and I qualified for his regional championships and won a
few more ribbons. 

What a weekend!
2014 Scottsdale Show
February - Scottsdale, Arizona
Great start to the Scottsdale Horseshow for Jan's young horse Aristocrat CD (aka Tex) 76% in Training level test two and 72.9% in Training level test one. He won his first class out of fourteen horses and was second place in his second class. Can't wait for tomorrow!
Saturday results -- Aristocrat CD (aka Tex) had an early ride in Training level test 3. He scored 72.0 for a third place out of 19 horses! His second ride was late in the day - his first time riding under lights. He scored 75.1 in Training level test 2 for a first place out of 14 horses!! Four tests and four scores over 70% -- a great weekend for he and Jan!
All Hallow's Eve Pomona Chapter Show

October 2013

All Hallow's Eve Pomona Chapter Show Results.  A busy day for us!  Kim and Zinca had their PSG debut with a solid 62%.  Chris and Prestige earned a 65% and 66% for their third level rides - including a very bold extended canter!  Amy and Aristocrat CD (Jan Roeder's amazing young horse!) performed their Training level debut for a 64% and a 68% - an excellent beginning for a three year old.  Amy and Cortino (Linda Larson's young super star) finished the day with a 72% and 73% in Training level.  Cortino won the open High Point Score for the day!

Fall Show Results - Thermal

November 2013 -- Thermal, CA

Fall Dressage Show Results in Thermal.  With cold, blustery weather, Chris and Kim pulled on their rain
gear and rode for great results!  Chris and Prestige won all of their third level classes with scores of "8" for flying changes!  Kim and Zinca earned their final PSG score for Kim's USDF Silver Medal! 

What a great horseshow!!!
2013 USDF Year End Results

October 2013 -- USDF Year End Results

Congratulations to the Year End Winners!  Encore and Amy: 1st place USEF Four Year Olds.  Zinca and Kim: 3rd place for KWPN-NA 4th level Vintage Cup.  Prestige and Chris: 3rd place for KWPN-NA 2nd level Vintage Cup.  Tenedos and Amy: 2nd place for Swedish Warmblood Assoc of North America Prix St. George Open division.  What a great year!

Fall Frolic Dressage Show at Galway Downs

August 2013 -- Temecula, CA

Fall Frolic Dressage Show at Galway Downs.  On a hot summer day, Chris and Kim put in super rides for a great show!  Kim and Zinca remained undefeated in both of their fourth level classes.  Chris and Prestige earned their final third level score for Chris' USDF Bronze Medal.  Congratulations!!!

Markel/USEF Dressage Young Horse Championships
August 2013 -- Illinios

Markel/USEF Dressage Young Horse 
at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL. 
What a great experience for Cory and myself! 
After a very exciting week with pouring rain,
brilliant sunshine and a very brave young horse,
Cory won Reserve Champion of the
USEF Four Year Old class with a final score of 8.76. 

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