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61st Annual Scottsdale Show

February 2016 -- Westworld, Scottsdale, AZ
We made our annual trip to the exciting Scottsdale Arabian show -- and it did not disappoint! 
We competed in large classes, up to 22 horses.  A super start to the show year.

Final Results:
Aristocrat CD:
Reserve Champion Second Level
High Score of the show with a 74% at second level test 2
Champion Half-Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle
Champion Half-Arabian Sport Horse Showhack
AUR Mystic Illusion:
Champion Second Level with a 66.223%
Champion Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle
Champion Arabian Sport Horse Showhack


USDF Horse of the Year Results

October 2015

The official USDF year end results have been published!

Aristocrat CD - Open, First Level, ranked 1 with a score of 70.958;
Second Level, ranked 2nd with a score of 68.219 for Half-Arabians in the Arabian Horse Association

AUR Mystic Illusion - Open, First Level, ranked 2 with a score of 68.516 for Arabians in the Arabian Horse Association

Tenedos - Open, Intermediare 1, ranked 1 with a score of 68.553 for Swedish Warmblood Association of North America
Excellent results for the season!


CDS Annual Show

September 2015 -- Murieta Equestrian Center, Rancho Murieta, CA

An exciting show for both Encore and Tenedos.  
Many adventures, with exciting rides and close classes!
Final Results:  Encore: CDS Champion Six Year Old Futurity.  
Tenedos: CDS Champion Intermediare 1.  
USDF Reserve Champion Intermediare 1.
Spirit Dressage Show

August 2015 -- Spirit Equestrian Center, Somis, CA

A super show to prepare for CDS Finals for Encore, Illusion, Aristocrat and Tenedos.  Blue ribbons, high scores and warm weather!  Encore came home with a 78% for third level test one, earning the High Score for the show.  Great weekend

El Sueno Dressage Show

July 2015 – El Sueno Equestrian Center, Somis, CA


An all 70’s weekend for
Tenedos, Aristocrat CD and AUR Mystic Illusion! 
Intermediare 1, Second level and First level 
the boys delivered great scores all weekend. 

Aside from the dressage court, we also enjoyed
using the giant cross country field for a lovely
gallop next to the lemon groves.

Golden State Dressage Show
June 2015 – Murieta Equine Complex, Rancho Murieta, CA

Tenedos and Encore made the long trip up the
99 freeway to show at the Golden State Dressage show. 

Encore showed 3rd level for the first time for a 68% and a win. 
Tenedos debuted  in the I-1 for scores in 70’s. 

Judges had great comments for both horses
“willing attitude” and “elasticity” were mentioned frequently!
Spirit Dressage Show
June 2015 – Spirit Equestrian, Somis, CA

A fun weekend at the Spirit Dressage show with Kim and Zinca
performing a new freestyle in the Saturday night freestyle challenge. 

We all agreed that the cowbells provided the
best musical element during the freestyle!
AHA Region One Championships
May 2015 – Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA
Congratulations to Aristocrat CD! 

Reserve Champion First level
Champion Second level! 

A great weekend down in Del Mar
April Madness Dressage Show

April 2015 – Galway Downs, Temecula, CA

Scores in the 70’s for both Aristocrat CD and AUR Mystic Illusion. 
Aristocrat CD completed his second level debut; Illusion continued improving his scores in first level. 
Kim Watts and Zinca and Chris Stevens and Tenedos both moved up a level; I-1 for Kim and 4th level for Chris.  Congratulations! 

Thea O’Dell and Zee De Man completed their scores at 3rd level for their USDF Bronze medal. 

Great results!!
RCAHA Spring Show
March 2015 – LAEC, Burbank, CA

Aristocrat CD and AUR Mystic Illusion
attended the Spring Rancho California show. 

They both came home
Sporthorse Under Saddle Champions!
60th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horseshow

February 2015 – Scottsdale, AZ


We made the trip over to Scottsdale, AZ to find some winter sunshine! 

Turns out the horses did all of the shining for us! 


Aristocrat CD: Champion First level with a 71.9

Champion Training level Junior Horse with a 69.8

Earned his first “10.0”!!

High score of the show with a 76% at first level test 2

Champion Sporthorse Under Saddle Junior Horse

Reserve Highpoint Sport Horse!


Aur Mystic Illusion:  Training level: 4th out of
17 horses with a 68%
First level: 5th out of 17 horses with a 65.3
Sporthorse Under Saddle Championship: 3rd place
CDS Annual Meeting & Symposium

January 2015 – LAEC, Burbank, CA

Cory and I were invited to ride in the Judi Harvey and
Lilo Fore symposium for CDS.

We had the opportunity to ride with Judi and
Lilo in a lesson on the first day. 

For the symposium, they discussed the new tests, and strategies to improve the presentation of the tests during competition.  I appreciated their feedback on creating smooth transitions between movements in the new second level tests. 

What a wonderful educational opportunity provided by CDS!
USDF / Adequan Year End Results

October 2014


The official USDF year end results have been published!

Encore - FEI Five-Year-Old, First Level, ranked 1 with a score of 8.1 for KWPN of North America Inc

Aristocrat CD - Open, Training Level, ranked 1 with a score of 73.200 for Arabian Horse Association

Zinca - Adult Amateur, Fourth Level, ranked 1 with a score of 65.357 for KWPN of North America Inc

Tenedos - Adult Amateur, Third Level, ranked 1 with a score of 67.115 for Swedish Warmblood Association of North America


Excellent results for the season!

USEF / USET Foundation Dressage Pipeline Clinic
October 2015 -- Thousand Oaks, CA
A super experience for Cory and myself! We were invited to ride at the USEF/USET Foundation Dressage Pipeline Clinic, sponsored by Betsey Juliano of Havensafe Farm and hosted by Michael Fowler of Epona Farms.  We rode with the young horse coach, Scott Hassler each day and also had the opportunity to audit the other sessions with Debbie McDonald and Robert Dover.

Our lessons with Scott Hassler focused on the transition to the FEI Six year old test.  We worked on increasing the amount of collection, without sacrificing the harmony and connection we had established during Cory's Five year old year.  I also participated in several non-horse sessions including fitness, nutrition and sports psychology.

So excited to see what happens next!!
CDS Annual Show

September 2014 -- Burbank, CA
It was a busy four days with four horses attending the CDS Annual Show.  We had great weather, excellent footing, a few moments of young horse exuberance and plenty of riding!
The results:
Encore - Champion CDS Five Year Old Futurity
Tenedos and Chris Stevens - 3rd place Third Level Adult Amateur
USDF Region 7 Championship; 8th place Third Level Adult Amateur CDS Horse of the Year Championship

Aldente and Pat Hart - 6th place PSG Adult Amateur
USDF Region 7 Championship; 10th place PSG Adult Amateur
CDS Horse of the Year Championship

Aristocrat CD - CDS Four Year Old Futurity
Markel/USEF Dressage Young Horse Championships!
August 2014 -- Wayne, IL
Cory and I returned to the Markel/USEF Dressage Young Horse Championships to ride in the FEI Five Year Old Division.  Cory showed his amazing elasticity and talent.  We finished fourth overall, with a final score of 81.200.  What an opportunity to compete among the best Five year olds in the country!
August 2014 -- Invitations!
This was a wonderful invitation to find in my email box!
"Dear Markel/USEF Young Horse Program Participants,
On behalf of the United States Equestrian Federation, Inc., I am pleased to invite you and your horse to compete in the Five-Year-Old Division of the 2014 Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage National Championships presented by at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois August 20th through August 24th, 2014. 
Congratulations on this tremendous achievement! "
So excited to head back to Chicago for the Markel / USEF FEI Five Year Old Championships!
Summer Dressage III at El Sueno Equestrian Center
July 2014 - Soomis, CA

A red and blue weekend for us as we finished up at 
El Sueno. Thea O'Dell and Zee earned qualifying for CDS Jr.Championships and for their Second level Bronze medal scores in great style. Chris Stevens and Teddy added to the blue collection. Aristocrat CD and I stayed on the 70's track for Training level test two and three, with a high score of 76%! Patricia Hart and Ali added to the red ribbon collection with a 66% at PSG -- increasing their scores by 5% since Pat's PSG debut only 3 months ago! 

Can't say enough about this group of hardworking riders!

I'm so proud to be part of this team. So much joy,
progress and laughter all in one weekend. AMAZING!!!
CDS LA Chapter Dressage show
June 2014 -- Los Angeles, CA
Congratulation to Chris Stevens and Tenedos on their Third Level debut.
Great things are ahead of these two!

Star Spangled Dressage at The Oaks
June 2014 -- San Juan Capistrano, CA

A great weekend with Cory scoring a 78.2% and 80.4% in
Second level test one. With 9's on Harmony and Submission, Cory 
showed all of his elasticity within the happiness of our partnership. WOW!!!  With a busy show environment at San Juan Capistrano,
all of the horses stepped up their game to show us their best work.
Water trucks, golf carts, scooters, bicycles, horses and ponies everywhere, I was so proud of our group. 
Patricia Hart and Ali earned a first and second place in PSG with super lines of tempi changes! Chris Stevens and Teddy earned all blues at Third level at only their second show together, with all of their scores in the high 60's. Kimberly Hudson Watts and Zinca won first and second places in their Fourth level tests and freestyles. We even had time to watch the Grand Prix jumpers on Saturday afternoon. Those horses are incredible! Congrats to all!!!

FEI High Percentage Reserve Champion Amateur -- Pat and Ali
Upper Level High Percentage CHAMPION Amateur -- Chris and Teddy
Lower Level High Percentage Reserve Champion Open -- Amy and Cory
Fourth Level Winner -- Kim and Zinca

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